Do You Love Me?


In the gospel of John 14:15 Jesus says, “If you love me, you will keep my commandments.” What a simple, yet very rich, statement that Jesus makes during the last supper before his crucifixion. In making this statement, Jesus is really challenging the apostles, and us, with the question. “Do you love me?” How do you respond to this question? Many of us would quickly respond with “Of course” and continue with the next verse. But let’s pause a moment to consider whether our actions reflect this quick response as we hope it does. 

To begin, we need to consider if we actually know the commandments. Because to truly love Jesus would assume that we actually know the Ten Commandments. It would only be by knowing them that we could then live them in our daily lives.  

So, do you know the Ten Commandments? Can you recite them? Are you confident that your actions reflect them well? If not, explore the resources of this web site to rediscover how to better understand, appreciate and embrace the joy and freedom available to you in the Ten Commandments (1 of 4)