The Keys To Joy & Freedom


Understanding, appreciating and embracing the Ten Commandments puts us on the path to the what we all pursue in life - JOY. Unfortunately, the perception many have of the Ten Commandments is that they deny us the freedom to have the fun we think we want. However, if we live the Commandments how God intended, they give us the freedom to fully enjoy all the abundant gifts from God. 

The Ten Commandments are not much different than the instructions and expectations parents teach their children so they can be happy. A simple example is how loving parents teach their children to brush their teeth. Kids don’t like brushing their teeth. They want to play or they are tired and just want to flop in bed. It is not hard to imagine a child saying “I don’t care if my teeth fall out. I just want to …… thinking they will be happy if their parents back off on the rule about brushing their teeth. They don’t appreciate that the pain of cavities, root canals and missing teeth will rob them of the joy of enjoying all kinds of food, having nice smiles and making a good first impression. But loving parents lovingly persist in teaching their kids to brush their teeth because that they will be happier if they simply learn to follow the simple rule of brushing their teeth. 

In much the same way, the Ten Commandments were given to us by our loving Father to help us avoid the tragedies of broken relationships, stress and disappointments and instead live healthier happier lives as we enjoy fulfilling relationships with our family and friends, have restful nights and avoid serious health issues. (4 of 4)

Rediscover The Ten Commandments

So, how would you describe the joy in your life? If you want more joy, grow in the Ten Commandments and you will find it. 

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