Talks & Classes

Helping people discover the joy and freedom promised through the Ten Commandments is our primary focus at If U Love Me. And the primary way we do this is through individual talks and classes at churches and for groups. If you are planning a parish mission, faith formation classes, RCIA or a group event, consider an eye-opening presentation on the Ten Commandments. 

Read some of the comments by Attendees of past presentations.

  • Completely eye-opening. Gives direction on how to run your life. It is a road to peace.
  • Compelling program. Provokes a lot of thought and discernment. 
  • You will learn more than you think and it will help you to examine and evaluate your heart. 
  • Very appropriate for today! Well organized and with humor.
  • A lot of problems could go away if we just pay more attention to the 10 Commandments. 

In addition to our 10-week course on the Commandments, 

the following talks are available. 

  • The Ten Commandments: A recipe for a great life that leads to Jesus
  • How to teach the Commandments to your children & grandchildren
  • How to Pray the Ten Commandments
  • Living the Commandments at home
  • Living the Commandments in the workplace
  • Living the Commandments at school